More Information on Seminars and Classes

Basic Boot Making Seminars
I (Carl Chappell) will personally demonstrate and teach you my detailed methods for measuring feet, boot design, and construction of a pair of boots from start to finish. My method for teaching typically involves me directly showing you how to do a specific step in the boot making process on one of your boots…and then watching over you as you repeat the same step on your other boot. This way, you will perform every single step in the boot making process. You’ll learn to custom-fit a last to each of your feet. In the end, you’ll take home your custom-fitted lasts along with your very own custom-made and fitted boots!  Along the way, you will choose your own leathers, colors, designs, threads, stitching, toes, heals, and other style decisions. We’ll spend our first days working on how to take all the necessary measurements. Students are encouraged to practice taking measurements on each other during these first few days. Have you ever used a sewing machine before?  If so, great…if not, it’s NO big deal at all.  Either way, you’ll next be taught how to properly sew leather using one of our many in-house sewing machines.  Each student has his/her own machine and practices sewing on spare leather long before stitching his/her own boots. You’ll also learn how to use all of the other boot-making machines/tools in turn as you progress through the entire boot making process. Working along side other students rather than just by yourself will provide you with an opportunity to see an even wider variety of boot making techniques. With that being said, you’ll see a wider variety of the common mistakes that “might” pop-up during the entire boot making process.  Note:  Don’t worry too much about making mistakes! They’re bound to happen, and most-any problem can be corrected.  I’ll be right there to help you out with my many years of boot making expertise. As an added benefit, I often have one or more other highly-skilled boot makers (whom I’ve taught in the past) helping my out during my seminars to provide students with even more assistance.

Class Room

The Class Room

This is a two-week very intense seminar. We have classes Monday-Saturday typically starting at 8am and going until 8pm or so at night. There is a great deal of material to learn in the short time we’ll have together. That’s why you’ll also receive a set of DVDs and “The Boot Book” as part of your Basic Boot Making seminar. These materials reiterate the same methods of building boots that you will learn during the seminar. The set of 10 DVDs along with the recently revised edition of The Boot Book are invaluable resources for you to keep and use for reference after your seminar.
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The tuition for the two week seminar is $3,500.00 as of Oct. 2014

NOTE: If you want to try to build a pair of boots without attending the seminar, you can purchase the DVDs and/or The Boot Book. If you later attend the seminar, you’ll get 50% of the cost of the DVDs and/or book purchase prices subtracted from your seminar cost.  The set of ten DVDs is $500.00. The Boot Book is $250.00.  You can purchase them together for $650.00.

Send payment and address instructions here:
C T Chappell Boot Shop
PO Box 322
Saint Jo, Texas 76265


One On One Seminars

You let me know what you would like to learn and what days you have available.  We’ll then set up a schedule that works for both of us, and I’ll teach you whatever you would like to know. Possible subjects for One On One seminars could include:

-Advanced boot making techniques
-Overlays and inlays (cut-outs, flowers, brands, etc.)
-Wing tips
-Foxing (on vamps and/or counter covers)
-Leather Tooling (boot tops, collars, purses, holsters, etc.)
-Fitting the last
-Mules (aka “Chick Boots”)
-Fabricating belts, purses, holsters, or other leather goods
-Machine maintenance, repair, and rebuilding

Whatever it is you need help with, we’ll get it done!

The One On One seminars are $350.00 per day for however long you’ve booked.


Boot Making Kit

Our boot kits come with all the materials for one pair of boots except the glues, tacks, pegs, etc. that are used in every pair.  They include tops, linings, vamps, soles, heels, all beads, welts, and strings.  (All leather and steel shanks are included.)  Most leather colors are available in the basic materials.  Exotic leathers are additional.

These kits do not include instructions are tools. The purchaser needs to know the approximate size of the calf, short heel measurement, and boot size if lasts are ordered as well.  The cost of the kit is $200.00.  Used lasts are an additional $20.00.

If you need assistance with patterns for the tops, wrinkle, bug, etc., we’ll be glad to help you.

Our main goal is to promote the Art of Boot Making. If we don’t make a living doing it, we can’t continue so we’ll do our best to help you and provide what you need.  If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we will help you find it.

C. T. Chappell